From an unathletic bookworm to the first Asian-American to complete the Explorer’s Grand Slam, surmounting the highest peak in all seven continents and skiing to the South and North poles. Lei’s remarkable journey has inspired individuals around the world to dream big and reach their highest potential.

Media Clippings

Lei has been featured in print and broadcast media outlets throughout China and the United States:

“As the sun sets, Wang’s eyes fill with determination; she is one day closer to her dream.” -Anna Tsui, Boston Magazine (Asian)

“For many, climbing Mount Everest would be the accomplishment of a lifetime. For Lei Wang, WG’03, Everest is merely another peak – and the last hurdle standing between her and a historic mountaineering achievement.” – Tim Hyland, Wharton [Business School’s] Magazine

“Now that the Seven Summits task is over, Wang is taking time out in Beijing to discover what other metaphysical ‘mountains’ lie ahead in her life.” -Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore, Time Out Magazine

“Although lacking climbing skills, she made up for it in her enthusiasm and a passion to succeed. Not only was she going to embark on something that has been done only nine times before, she would have to achieve it by overcoming many physical, ideological and even financial challenges.” -Unus Alladin, South China Morning Post

“When you meet a woman who says she just climbed Mt. Everest, you get curious. And when she tells you she is the first Chinese woman — and the 10th person in the world — to have climbed the seven summits on every continent and skied both the North and South Poles — you listen to her full story.” – Jaime FlorCruz, CNN Beijing, China

“To endure the journey, Lei Wang focuses on the simple: Synchronizing her breath, thinking only about the next step, and not – no matter how tempting it is – calculating time.” – Taryn Plumb, Boston Globe

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