Fluent in both Chinese & English, Lei has spoken internationally for a variety of occasions – graduation ceremonies, corporate celebrations, team building exercises, award ceremonies, and more. Many find her candid personality refreshing, especially young professionals and aspiring leaders; Lei won’t hide the hard work behind her accomplishments – years of retraining her body, mind, and spirit. Invite her for a forty-five-minute keynote address or a half-day workshop to inspire the positive morale your audience needs.

Are you buried beneath the day-to-day grind, feeling like you’ve lost sight of your childhood dream in exchange for someone else’s? By sharing her own story, Lei will take you on a journey to discover yourself to help reveal your true passion and realize your full potential.

In the bottom-line focused business world, organizations are overtaken by what Lei calls “summit fever” – overwhelmed in their attempts to uncover the “secrets to success.” She redefines SMART goals, showing you refreshing new strategies that will lead you on a journey of lasting success in business and life.

Lei left behind all that was familiar to her to pursue her passion of mountain climbing. Standing at five feet two inches with no athletic background, no one took her dream seriously; but, Lei developed a plan suited for her to overcome insurmountable obstacles, she relied on her mental strength and self-discipline to reach the peak. Lei uses her story to teach you how to turn your weaknesses into a competitive advantage and stay motivated in your pursuit of a seemingly impossible goal.

The most important asset to every company is their team. The greatest challenge of any company is keeping that team engaged, motivated, and passionate. Lei guides your team to explore all of these necessary characteristics for success in their lives and work; transforming them into a true powerhouse that will propel your business to the next level.

Speaking Impressions

“All of our event attendees were impressed and inspired by Lei’s journey. Lei doesn’t have super-human physical ability and yet she has achieved what many professional athletes would consider impossible. Lei, you are a truly refreshing inspiration!” -Credit Suisse

“Lei was exactly the keynote and conference opener we needed for our District 31 Spring Conference. Her message about working as a team to overcome adversity was well received by our group. Lei is a blockbuster example of the “locally talented” speakers Boston has to offer.” -Stefano McGhee, Toastmasters International

“Lei’s session was inspiring and perfect for our Chinese delegate guests. Everyone was so excited to hear her speak; we even made sure to purchase her memoir for all of those in attendance to take home as a souvenir. The seminar was a great experience, and we are looking forward to inviting Lei to return for our next event.” -Perfect China

“Lei, we cannot express enough gratitude for your involvement at our Circle of Excellence event in Singapore. Thank you for sharing your story with us – your underlying message about challenging oneself to overcome barriers and obstacles on the path toward success was well received by all of our attendees. Thank you again for closing our program on such an inspiring note.” -HSBC