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Disrupting the Banking Landscape: Lessons in Leadership with Shannon Burch

Join us for a conversation with Shannon Burch, the Vice President of Experience at Neo Financial, where she is focused on disrupting the banking landscape in Canada. With an unconventional career journey that has taken her across Canada and internationally, Shannon has built transferable leadership skills that have helped her advance her career. In this […]

Designing Your Career for Passion and Purpose with Dr. Richard Osibanjo

Join us in a thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Richard Osibanjo, a leading expert in transformational leadership, as we explore how to design a career that aligns with your passion and purpose. As a chemist turned executive coach and keynote speaker, Dr. Richard shares valuable insights on how to transition careers, find your voice, and clarify […]

Empowering Women in the Workplace: Insights from Holly O’Dell

In this episode, we sit down with Holly O’Dell, the first female President and CEO of Montana State Fund, to discuss the importance of building relationships with other women in the workplace. Join us as Holly shares her personal experiences and best practices on advocating for oneself, balancing family and work, and the power of […]

Encouraging New Ideas and Fostering Employee Engagement: A Leadership Discussion with Jill Wiedemann-West

Join us as we talk to Jill Wiedemann-West, CEO of People Incorporated, as she shares her insights on building a culture of transparency, encouraging diverse voices, and fostering employee engagement. Discover how her leadership style has helped to encourage new ideas and create a positive work environment.    Here’s how they did it: Top […]

Overcome Entrepreneurial Challenges With Mental Fitness Training

Join us as we chat with Jocelyn Tan, CEO and founder of Sisu VR, about her journey to success in the virtual reality industry and how our Mental Fitness program helped her become a more confident and effective leader. Learn about Jocelyn’s pivot from focusing on funding to customer acquisition, and her passion for immersive […]

Ending Homelessness with Innovation: Insights from Elizabeth Funk

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Elizabeth Funk, the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of DignityMoves, a nonprofit that has developed an innovative solution to end street homelessness in our communities. Elizabeth’s career experience spans various industries, including real estate, venture capital, climate technology, and several non-profit ventures. In this podcast episode, she shares her […]

Building Resilience and Growth Mindset with Jutta Williams

Join us as we speak with Jutta Williams, a career data protection professional and AI Ethics evangelist, about building resilience and a growth mindset in both personal and professional life. Jutta shares her insights on the power of speaking accurately, introducing struggle to promote growth, and finding fulfillment through personal growth. She also discusses the […]

Building a Successful Career With Megan Effertz

Join us in this insightful podcast interview with Megan Effertz, an accomplished executive and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. Megan shares her journey of building companies in different industries and how she developed her transferrable skills to jump from industry to industry. She also provides timely advice for job seekers, including how to […]