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Creative Leadership with Brant Menswar

Brant Menswar is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and he is also a former rock star! He is the founder and CEO of Booky Call, a revolutionary book discovery app. In this interview, we discuss values-based leadership, especially how to practice creativity as one of the non-negotiable core values in leadership. Brant also shares insights on […]

How to create values at work to accelerate your career growth with Clement Kao

Clement Kao is the founder of Product Teacher, a product management education company that aims to create accessible and practical resources for a global community of product managers, founders, and entrepreneurs. In this episode, Clement shares practical advice for young professionals, especially those interested in a career in product management, on how to create values […]

Live Your Life Boldly With Susan Seah

  Susan Seah has been a believer in living life boldly and is constantly undertaking new challenges to learn and grow. She grew up in Singapore, and in 2009, she started her law practice with a law partner and now acts as outside General Counsel for various technology firms. In 2019, Susan launched The Koa […]

How To Support and Motivate Employees and Leaders With Andrea Heuston

Andrea Heuston is the Founder and CEO of Artitudes Design, a full-service graphic design firm delivering award-winning design solutions. She is also the Author of Stronger on the Other Side: The Power to Choose and is an award-winning entrepreneur. Andrea hosts the Lead Like a Woman Show, where she features top women leaders who share […]

Growth-Minded Leadership With Lei Wang

Lei Wang is an executive coach, motivational speaker, and adventurer who inspires leaders to dream big, overcome their biggest fears, and achieve a fulfilling life. As the Host of the Journey with Lei Podcast, Lei speaks about leadership, culture, and growing a business to new heights. She dares to ask, “What would it be like […]

When are you ready?

“I’m working on it …”   When my coach asked when I would start my coaching business, I felt like she was pushing me too hard.   Isn’t she aware of how hard I already work?   “I need to finish this course first, so I know how to …”   Then, “I need to […]

I Almost Quit Too Soon

This past weekend, we went for a snowshoe hike. The hike’s beginning was a little underwhelming. We had to bushwhack and posthole through snow and ice for nearly an hour.   We moaned and swore. We contemplated turning around and calling it a day.   That’s something I’m happy we didn’t do!   The view […]

How to achieve that impossible goal

Many people have been reluctant to dream big because they are anxious about how they can accomplish their goals.   True, no dream will become a reality unless you take action. So, how do you do it?   When I first dreamt about climbing Mount Everest, I also daydreamed about a plan.   I created […]