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The Secret of High Achievers

Have you noticed, all top athletes in the world have a coach? You may even wonder why. What does a coach provide that athletes need to succeed? Let me show you. Here’s how my coach helped me train for Mount Everest. October 2009, with less than six months until my Everest expedition, the last objective […]

Learning Leadership through Art

As part of the “Nature of Leadership” retreat I helped run last week, everyone painted an oil painting. For most, it was their first one ever and it was clear that this experience deeply impacted each person and the team on many levels. First, though oil painting is not as “adventurous” as mountain climbing, our […]


Getting My Courage Back

Have you always wanted to make some big changes in your life, but were held back by fear? Be it moving to a new place, changing career track, or starting a new business. Even you know that’s what your heart calls for, but you just couldn’t muster the courage to take the leap of faith? […]

What I learned from Skiing Everest in a Day

Do you believe your daydreams can become a reality as soon as tomorrow?   Last week, I was skiing at Breckenridge in Colorado. At the end of the first day, I received from the resort an email with my “scorecard”. It said I skied 7,854 vertical feet on my first day – a small number […]

What A New Year’s Resolution is Not About

New Year’s Resolutions (NYR) are not just a wish list of what you want to have the next year because while visualization can help you reach a goal, nothing really happens without hard work.   NYR is not a list of target or goals, especially not SMART goals; and, if you read my latest book, […]