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I Almost Quit Too Soon

This past weekend, we went for a snowshoe hike. The hike’s beginning was a little underwhelming. We had to bushwhack and posthole through snow and ice for nearly an hour.   We moaned and swore. We contemplated turning around and calling it a day.   That’s something I’m happy we didn’t do!   The view […]

How to achieve that impossible goal

Many people have been reluctant to dream big because they are anxious about how they can accomplish their goals.   True, no dream will become a reality unless you take action. So, how do you do it?   When I first dreamt about climbing Mount Everest, I also daydreamed about a plan.   I created […]

How to Set an Impossible Goal

Does my previous email about why you need an impossible goal make you wonder a little bit?   At the very least, I hope you’ve thought about setting an impossible goal by this point!   “How do I set an impossible goal?” you could be thinking.   First and foremost, put “how” out of your […]

Why Do You Need An Impossible Goal?

Last week, we discussed what makes a goal truly exciting. Is it really possible? Why do you need an impossible goal? If you want to have a totally different lifestyle, want to reach a scary new height in your business, you can’t simply do what you used to do and hope that will give you a […]

What Makes a Goal Truly Exciting

You have set and reached many goals in your life or your business, but how many of them you are truly excited about? Do you sometimes wonder, after you have achieved them, so what? You don’t feel that exhilarating excitement even though you feel the satisfaction of arriving at the next milestone. What makes a […]

How to practice excitement everyday

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by social media? Everyone else seems to be having a good time, but you feel like there’s nothing to be excited about in your life? Just read on, let me show you the excitement in your life that is worth celebrating! What excites us the most, as I discovered from […]

How do you start your day?

Are you waiting to see how 2021 will be different? You can start to create an exciting life without waiting for anything else to change or happen, even when you can’t travel the world or get together with family and friends. You can create an exciting life even today. What’s your first thought every morning? […]

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There’s no magic program.

I went to my coach David Memont (you can read the original post here) hoping for a magic training program that would make me strong and fast enough to climb Everest climb. One month later, I complained that my body composition didn’t change much (I was still too fat) despite my training “hard”. I thought that […]

The Secret of High Achievers

Have you noticed, all top athletes in the world have a coach? You may even wonder why. What does a coach provide that athletes need to succeed? Let me show you. Here’s how my coach helped me train for Mount Everest. October 2009, with less than six months until my Everest expedition, the last objective […]