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How do you start your day?

Are you waiting to see how 2021 will be different? You can start to create an exciting life without waiting for anything else to change or happen, even when you can’t travel the world or get together with family and friends. You can…

How can you stay motivated?

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How do I motivate myself through so many years of arduous training and during the hardest time of my climbs?It is a question I get often. It's the same question I pondered again and again on mountain tops and in my everyday life.The…

There’s no magic program.

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I went to my coach David Memont (you can read the original post here) hoping for a magic training program that would make me strong and fast enough to climb Everest climb.One month later, I complained that my body composition didn’t change…

The Secret of High Achievers

Have you noticed, all top athletes in the world have a coach? You may even wonder why. What does a coach provide that athletes need to succeed? Let me show you. Here’s how my coach helped me train for Mount Everest. October…

100 days to make your dreams come true in 2020!

Can you believe today marks 100 days to go to finish 2020 strong? Remember your vision you had for your dream life?

Everest Lessons: WHY

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"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how". This famous quote from Nietzsche is the absolute foundation if you want to be successful in any hard endeavoring. To avoid making it an abstract philosophical discussion,…

Everest Lessons: How did it start?

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The Khumbu Valley while I was hiking towards Everest Base Camp. Before I dive into the lessons I learned from Everest, first of all, how did the whole thing start? The credit goes to the documentary movie “Touching the Void”. It was my…

The most important lessons from Everest

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In 2004, inspired by the movie “Touching the Void”, I had this daydream of climbing Mount Everest. Yet, growing up a book nerd in Beijing, I never expected I would really climb this mountain one day. Six years later, when I finally started…

Learning Leadership through Art

As part of the “Nature of Leadership” retreat I helped run last week, everyone painted an oil painting. For most, it was their first one ever and it was clear that this experience deeply impacted each person and the team on many levels. First,…