Are You Doing the Right Thing to

Safeguard Your Business During Downturn?

Most economists agree that recession is very likely in America’s future, just not sure when it is arriving. The general consensus is sometime in 2023.

What can businesses do now to prepare for a recession?

Big corporations have already started laying off staff, reducing capital spending, and tightening credit terms.

Small businesses will feel the pinch soon.

Before you fully get into survival mode to cut spending everywhere,  stop for a moment, and think, “What will my competition do?”

In every recession, some company picks up productive assets cheaply, increases market share by being more adept in the changing conditions, and hires great talent that has been laid off or under-appreciated by competitors.

A good contingency plan for recession should include opportunities for growth.

A growth plan for a recession can set a company up for great gains in the subsequent recovery.

Numerous studies indicate that businesses that continue to market during a downturn such as this, will come out of it 8 times faster and more likely to survive than those that do not. Businesses need to do smart revenue-generating investing in their business right now as well as evaluate product, service and market re-positioning to be ready for the upturn. The upturn will be the largest comeback in the history of our country!

Will your business be ready?

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