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Now you can imagine, if you don’t have deep WHY for climbing this mountain, what kind of torture would it be to debate every day “Is it worth it?” You have to want to climb because you are truly passionate about mountains. Passion…

Everest Lessons: HOW

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"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how" This famous quote from Nietzsche is the absolute foundation if you want to be successful in any hard endeavoring. To avoid making it an abstract philosophical discussion,…

100 days to make your dreams come true in 2020!

Can you believe today marks 100 days to go to finish 2020 strong? Remember your vision you had for your dream life?

Everest Lessons: How did it start?

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Before I dive into the lessons I learned from Everest, first of all, how did the whole thing start? The credit goes to the documentary movie “Touching the Void”. It was my first winter in Boston. As a fresh MBA graduate, I was working…

What A New Year’s Resolution is Not About

New Year’s Resolutions (NYR) are not just a wish list of what you want to have the next year because while visualization can help you reach a goal, nothing really happens without hard work.   NYR is not a list of target or goals,…