Now you can imagine, if you don’t have deep WHY for climbing this mountain, what kind of torture would it be to debate every day “Is it worth it?”

You have to want to climb because you are truly passionate about mountains. Passion can help make those pains just part of the journey; Passion can help make those suffering just the norm of an expedition life; Passion can help you focus on experiencing the mountain instead of worrying about the outcome.

But Everest is more than just a mountain.

You have to want to climb this mountain beyond just your love for climbing. You need an even deeper why.

Only with a deep why, can you willingly give up the comfort of home and love of family in exchange for two months of suffering;

Only with a deep why, can you courageously make each step despite the fear;

Only with a deep why, can you keep moving forward even when all the odds are against you.

For me, I started this journey because I believed that an ordinary person can climb Everest and achieve extraordinary goals.

I’m on this mountain not only for my own dream, but also for those ordinary people, who believed that because they hadn’t achieved anything outstanding yet, they never would. I wanted to do my best to show everyone what’s possible for them.

For each of us, our why is unique to ourselves and to each situation. It can change over time. The deeper you can answer the why, the more motivation you will get when facing a big challenge.

How does this lesson apply to today?

Passion is more than something we need when we pursue big goals.

It’s the foundation for our happiness in everyday life, especially in times of big challenges.

The deeper you can answer the why, the more motivation you will get.

When you are doing things you are passionate about, you feel ever more energetic every day, your heart is filled with joy, and you appreciate all the possibilities life presents.

When you are living with a deep why, you find it easier to stay focused on a daily basis, you see setbacks as normal steps on your journey, you see obstacles as opportunities for growth.

When you are living every day with passion rooted in deep why, the world is so beautiful, your life is so fulfilling, you light up the world around you.

When you are thriving, every dream is possible!


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How to achieve that impossible goal

Many people have been reluctant to dream big because they are anxious about how they can accomplish their goals.


True, no dream will become a reality unless you take action. So, how do you do it?


When I first dreamt about climbing Mount Everest, I also daydreamed about a plan.


I created an Excel spreadsheet with a list of all the skills I need to learn as well as some smaller mountains I need to climb.


With no previous experience in mountaineering or physical training, I had no idea if that plan was even remotely feasible at the time. I didn’t know how long it took to learn each skill and improve my fitness level. They were all just daydreams.


As a result, I called the spreadsheet “my dream.”


Then I looked at which ability I thought would take the most time to master and decided to begin there. So the following weekend, I signed up for an introduction to rock climbing class with a local guiding company.


One step led to another. From there, I met people who advised me on the next step, and the next step…


So, what is the lesson here for you?


You don’t have to know “how” to get all the way towards your dream.


All you need is to identify the first tiny step.


While you are dreaming big, your focus is on the “present”.


Identify the first small step and concentrate on making progress toward that goal.


Every little achievement will boost your confidence and open the door for your next step.










I understand how daunting even the first small step can be! I’ve been there before.


It requires you to believe in your dream. It’s not easy to be optimistic until you can see the path!


You want to know another secret?


Don’t do it alone.


No one gets to the top alone.


I was grateful for the coaches and guides I met along my journey who showed me the door, shortened my learning curve, and gave me the confidence to step into unknown.


You don’t have to do it alone.


It would be my pleasure to be your coach, partner, and guide while you work toward your dreams! Why not sign up for a free Visioning and Goal Setting session with me and let’s explore your impossible dream together?


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How to Set an Impossible Goal

Does my previous email about why you need an impossible goal make you wonder a little bit?


At the very least, I hope you’ve thought about setting an impossible goal by this point!


“How do I set an impossible goal?” you could be thinking.


First and foremost, put “how” out of your mind!


Don’t worry about whether it’s probable or how you’ll get there.


Allow your creativity to soar. Keep dreaming about it, even though you “think” it’s impossible!


My Everest dream began as a simple daydream. I never imagined that one day I’d be able to scale the summit of Mount Everest.









What was a childhood dream that you never got to acknowledge? Don’t worry if you think it’s too late.


What is one thing you’ve never done but secretly wish you could?


What is one of your company goals that you feel is too lofty?


What is a mission or project that you believe is too difficult to complete and that you are certain would fail?


You know, it’s the obstacles you’d rather stop, the ones that cause you to procrastinate, that will lead you to your greatest achievement and turn you into your best self.


Setting unrealistic goals for yourself is the only way to inspire the team to do something they don’t believe they are capable of.


The thrill will grow stronger, and you’ll reach heights beyond your wildest dreams.


I believe no dream is too far-fetched. You can do anything if you dare to imagine it!


And I’d be happy to help you get there!


Why not sign up for a free Visioning and Goal Setting session with me and let’s explore your impossible dream together?


I want a Visioning & Goal session with Lei

Why Do You Need An Impossible Goal?

Last week, we discussed what makes a goal truly exciting. Is it really possible?

Why do you need an impossible goal?

If you want to have a totally different lifestyle, want to reach a scary new height in your business, you can’t simply do what you used to do and hope that will give you a dramatically different result.

You have to change how you think and try things you have never done before.

You have to create new routines and adopt new habits.

In short, you have to totally transform who you are in order to behave totally differently.

Only an impossible goal has that kind of power to trigger an identity shift!








When you’re standing at the bottom of the mountain as that “old” you, a goal seems impossibly high. And since most people only know the “old” you, they are blind to the new opportunities.

To achieve that seemingly impossible goal, imagine yourself as someone who has already accomplished it and see yourself as someone who considers such a goal to be “normal.”

When you make that important identity shift, you will easily adopt a new mindset and new habits as if your dream is already a reality.

When I dreamed about climbing Mount Everest, the excitement made me forget about the “impossible” part of the dream. On a daily basis, I only focused on what an Everest climber eats, trains, and thinks about.

That excitement made overcoming fear and procrastination easy.

Before I noticed, I transformed myself from a city girl to a mountaineer, and from there, a motivational speaker and coach.

The power of an impossible goal is not just in achieving something you are proud of, but in totally transforming who you are, elevating your energy to a level you never experienced before, and setting you on a trajectory of infinite possibilities.

What’s something you are dreaming of but people are telling you it’s impossible?

I believe you have the power in you. If you dare to dream it, you can achieve it!

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What Makes a Goal Truly Exciting

You have set and reached many goals in your life or your business, but how many of them you are truly excited about? Do you sometimes wonder, after you have achieved them, so what? You don’t feel that exhilarating excitement even though you feel the satisfaction of arriving at the next milestone.

What makes a goal truly exciting?

A truly exciting goal is one that transforms you or your business.

It’s not just one of the many milestones (yes, they are important too!), but one that when you look back, you can clearly say that’s a tipping point.

When you achieve a truly exciting goal, you marvel at your own power and are inspired to imagine even bigger and bolder dreams.

When you look back on a truly exciting goal, you’ll find that it always marks the beginning of a new path in your life or business.

So what does an exciting goal look like when you are just starting out?




It simply looks impossible!

You think it’s a fantasy. You honestly don’t even believe yourself that your dream can ever come true.

People around you laugh at you and think you are daydreaming.

People who care about you even try to discourage you: your current life is so comfortable, why risk it?

That’s exactly what I was going through almost 17 years ago when I started daydreaming about climbing Mount Everest.

As a city girl from Beijing who had no athletic background, I honestly thought that’s just a daydream.

Realistically, I was hoping such a lofty goal would at least motivate me to go to the gym regularly. ☺

At that time, I was working at a lucrative job in investment management as a new MBA graduate.

Coming from a traditional Chinese culture, I knew I was privileged to live an American dream.

To give that all up?

My parents were disappointed and upset with me, to put it lightly.

Fast forward, 10 years ago, days after I returned from the summit of Mount Everest, I still thought I was in my dream. I couldn’t believe I really did it.

That was the tipping point in my life.

I could never say any dream is impossible again!

Today, as a motivational speaker and coach, I’m excited about helping people reach their big bold dreams.

I believe you have the power in you. If you dare to dream it, you can achieve it!

What’s your big bold dream? Taking your business to a frightening new level? Starting a new direction in your life and career?

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How to practice excitement everyday

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by social media? Everyone else seems to be having a good time, but you feel like there’s nothing to be excited about in your life?

Just read on, let me show you the excitement in your life that is worth celebrating!

What excites us the most, as I discovered from my years of climbing in remote locations, is not the summit itself, but the path we took, the difficulty we overcame, and the breakthrough we experienced.

Excitement we seek does not come from outside us. The beliefs we hold and the actions we take, as well as the personal growth we experience on this journey, all contribute to our excitement.

True excitement is an emotion that comes as a result our own actions. So you don’t have to wait for something outside to happen. You have full control of it!

And you don’t need to do something so dramatic like climbing Mount Everest to experience true excitement.

Start by looking for moments of excitement in daily life, and practice feeling excitement inside you.

For example, do something as a self love to yourself and add something beautiful to your life; or show some love to your neighbor or a stranger, brightening up the day of another person adds excitement to both sides.

Excitement is the most contagious feeling. Join a group of like-minded people and inspire each other!

Just a tiny action every day, you will learn to discover more excitement in your life, create more excitement for yourself and everyone around you, and you will feel more genuine excitement inside you!

If you are looking for inspirations for tiny steps you can take, check out my little guide..10 tiny steps!

10 Tiny Steps to Make Every Day More Exciting!

Many of the tips we’ve shared in the last few weeks, plus a lot more, are included in this beautiful, ready-to-print PDF. 
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How do you start your day?

Are you waiting to see how 2021 will be different?

You can start to create an exciting life without waiting for anything else to change or happen, even when you can’t travel the world or get together with family and friends.

You can create an exciting life even today.

What’s your first thought every morning?

What if you set an intention before you even get out of bed. A great thought for the day is to say out loud, “Today is an exciting new day!” 

Does that make you smile, even just a little?

Does that make you want to check out the flower and birds outside your window?

Does that make you wonder if someone who you haven’t heard from for a while might call you?

Live everyday intentionally, you will discover more excitement everyday and turn every day into an exiting day!

100 days to make your dreams come true in 2020!

Can you believe today marks 100 days to go to finish 2020? Remember your vision you had for your dream life?

No matter where you are on your journey, whether you are yet to start, or have been off track, today is the starting day of a new journey. It’s not too late to get back on track and start making it come true!
Why do some people succeed in realizing their dream while others don’t?
The most important reason is they have absolute clarity of what they are truly excited about. That clarity is the core foundation. It’s where your motivation and commitment originate. It’s the true north for the path you are going to follow. Can you imagine arriving at your destination if you don’t even know where you want to go?
The second reason is they have a well laid-out roadmap. They know the plan of the course ahead of them. The first steps are clearly defined and are attainable. Thus the hardest step, the very first step, which holds most people back, is actually easy! Once they get started, they are confident that just working step by step, they will achieve their goal.

 That sounds so simple, doesn’t it? 

If you know what you are excited about and you see how to get there, nothing will be able to stop you. That’s the essence of what separates people who succeed in reaching their dreams from those who don’t.
Most people never have a clear vision of what they are truly excited about. They work hard and can’t understand why they are not getting anywhere.
Other people, have a vague idea of what they are excited about, but could never make that first step because it looks too daunting to take a giant step into an unknown path.
Don’t let these two reasons hold you back! It’s never too late to start your journey towards your dream. 

Make the next 100 days count! 

You still have a chance to redefine 2020!
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Remember, no one gets to the top alone.