Developing Empathy and Building Feedback Loops as a Leader with Patricia Bothwell

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Join us as we chat with Patricia Bothwell, General Manager and VP of Product for GoGuardian’s Safety & Productivity business. In this episode, Patricia shares insights from her experience in product and strategy leadership roles at Avalara, PayPal, and Carnival Corporation, and how she ramped up fast while moving from industries to industries. We also dive into the importance of developing empathy, building feedback loops, and finding the right mentors as a people’s leader.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Finding the right people as mentors and asking the right questions can help ramp up fast when moving from industries to industries.
  • Leaders need to develop clarity around goals, communicate effectively, and be intentional in helping their teams navigate through up and down cycles.
  • Building feedback loops for personal and team wellness is critical for any people manager, with weekly 1:1 meetings being a must-have.
  • Balancing humility and authority is an area for growth as a leader and a person.
  • Being kinder to self and others is crucial advice for one’s younger self.

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