Disrupting the Banking Landscape: Lessons in Leadership with Shannon Burch

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Join us for a conversation with Shannon Burch, the Vice President of Experience at Neo Financial, where she is focused on disrupting the banking landscape in Canada. With an unconventional career journey that has taken her across Canada and internationally, Shannon has built transferable leadership skills that have helped her advance her career. In this podcast episode, she shares her experiences on advocating for her own career advancement, dealing with imposter syndrome, and how learning through failure has helped her to speed up the leadership growth journey. Additionally, she discusses the importance of empathy skills in leading teams in a dynamic environment during an uncertain time. As a board member at several non-profit organizations, Shannon also mentors up-and-coming leaders and donates time to numerous causes. Tune in for an inspiring conversation on leadership, career growth, and disrupting the status quo.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The importance of intentionally building transferable leadership skills throughout your career.
  • Advocating for your own career advancement and taking ownership of your professional development.
  • Strategies for dealing with imposter syndrome and helping others who may be experiencing it.
  • The value of learning through failure and how it can accelerate leadership growth.
  • The importance of applying empathy skills when leading teams in a dynamic environment during an uncertain time.

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