Encouraging New Ideas and Fostering Employee Engagement: A Leadership Discussion with Jill Wiedemann-West

Join us as we talk to Jill Wiedemann-West, CEO of People Incorporated, as she shares her insights on building a culture of transparency, encouraging diverse voices, and fostering employee engagement. Discover how her leadership style has helped to encourage new ideas and create a positive work environment.


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Here’s how they did it:

  • Top leadership team retreats every month to ask critical questions, have difficult conversations, and encourage different ideas/opinions
  • Quarterly extended retreats with the director-level team
  • Staff take turns leading meetings with different styles to encourage new ideas
  • Regular engagement surveys, career pathway meetings, and training programs to foster employee engagement
  • Partnership with outside organizations and institutions of higher learning to provide staff with scholarships for higher degrees
  • A belief that there is a solution to every problem and working together as a team to solve it
  • Strategies to avoid employee burnout, including hiring more people, offering more time off and greater flexibility.

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