Ending Homelessness with Innovation: Insights from Elizabeth Funk

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Elizabeth Funk, the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of DignityMoves, a nonprofit that has developed an innovative solution to end street homelessness in our communities. Elizabeth’s career experience spans various industries, including real estate, venture capital, climate technology, and several non-profit ventures. In this podcast episode, she shares her journey and how a “can do” mentality led her to find an innovative solution to combat the homeless conundrum in our communities. She also discusses how to implement a Silicon Valley startup culture in a nonprofit organization, and the value of exploring various career tracks, industries, and functions. To date, Elizabeth has served on 19 Boards of Directors, 7 of them as Chairman. Tune in for a high-energy interview that is sure to inspire and motivate.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • A “can do” mentality can lead to innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Implementing a Silicon Valley startup culture can help to foster innovation and creativity in nonprofit organizations.
  • The value of exploring various career tracks, industries, and functions in gaining valuable experience and developing diverse skill sets.
  • The importance of working to end street homelessness and the impact it has on individuals and communities.
  • The power of serving on Boards of Directors and the value it can bring to a nonprofit organization.

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