How can you stay motivated?

How do I motivate myself through so many years of arduous training and during the hardest time of my climbs?

It is a question I get often.

It’s the same question I pondered again and again on mountain tops and in my everyday life.

The answer is simple.

It’s what we are all looking for everywhere every day, without being aware of it, something we all seek in each and every endeavor, and is a major factor in every choice we make.

Something so pervasive, it hides in plain sight.

So what is it?


The power of excitement is what moves everyone forward, is what had brought me to the mountaintops.

Excitement is what makes performers irresistible, conversations compelling, relationships lasting, and work a calling.

We all need to find excitement in our work, life and relationship to take ourselves and our team to the top.

So instead of beating yourself up for not being motivated, look for what truly excites you.

If you are still struggling with discovering what truly excites you, or if you find yourself such a long way off from having the life you dream of, let’s have a conversation!