How to achieve that impossible goal

Many people have been reluctant to dream big because they are anxious about how they can accomplish their goals.


True, no dream will become a reality unless you take action. So, how do you do it?


When I first dreamt about climbing Mount Everest, I also daydreamed about a plan.


I created an Excel spreadsheet with a list of all the skills I need to learn as well as some smaller mountains I need to climb.


With no previous experience in mountaineering or physical training, I had no idea if that plan was even remotely feasible at the time. I didn’t know how long it took to learn each skill and improve my fitness level. They were all just daydreams.


As a result, I called the spreadsheet “my dream.”


Then I looked at which ability I thought would take the most time to master and decided to begin there. So the following weekend, I signed up for an introduction to rock climbing class with a local guiding company.


One step led to another. From there, I met people who advised me on the next step, and the next step…


So, what is the lesson here for you?


You don’t have to know “how” to get all the way towards your dream.


All you need is to identify the first tiny step.


While you are dreaming big, your focus is on the “present”.


Identify the first small step and concentrate on making progress toward that goal.


Every little achievement will boost your confidence and open the door for your next step.










I understand how daunting even the first small step can be! I’ve been there before.


It requires you to believe in your dream. It’s not easy to be optimistic until you can see the path!


You want to know another secret?


Don’t do it alone.


No one gets to the top alone.


I was grateful for the coaches and guides I met along my journey who showed me the door, shortened my learning curve, and gave me the confidence to step into unknown.


You don’t have to do it alone.


It would be my pleasure to be your coach, partner, and guide while you work toward your dreams! Why not sign up for a free Visioning and Goal Setting session with me and let’s explore your impossible dream together?


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