How to practice excitement everyday

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by social media? Everyone else seems to be having a good time, but you feel like there’s nothing to be excited about in your life?

Just read on, let me show you the excitement in your life that is worth celebrating!

What excites us the most, as I discovered from my years of climbing in remote locations, is not the summit itself, but the path we took, the difficulty we overcame, and the breakthrough we experienced.

Excitement we seek does not come from outside us. The beliefs we hold and the actions we take, as well as the personal growth we experience on this journey, all contribute to our excitement.

True excitement is an emotion that comes as a result our own actions. So you don’t have to wait for something outside to happen. You have full control of it!

And you don’t need to do something so dramatic like climbing Mount Everest to experience true excitement.

Start by looking for moments of excitement in daily life, and practice feeling excitement inside you.

For example, do something as a self love to yourself and add something beautiful to your life; or show some love to your neighbor or a stranger, brightening up the day of another person adds excitement to both sides.

Excitement is the most contagious feeling. Join a group of like-minded people and inspire each other!

Just a tiny action every day, you will learn to discover more excitement in your life, create more excitement for yourself and everyone around you, and you will feel more genuine excitement inside you!

If you are looking for inspirations for tiny steps you can take, check out my little guide..10 tiny steps!

10 Tiny Steps to Make Every Day More Exciting!

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