How to Set an Impossible Goal

Get Excited! / by journeywithlei

Does my previous email about why you need an impossible goal make you wonder a little bit?


At the very least, I hope you’ve thought about setting an impossible goal by this point!


“How do I set an impossible goal?” you could be thinking.


First and foremost, put “how” out of your mind!


Don’t worry about whether it’s probable or how you’ll get there.


Allow your creativity to soar. Keep dreaming about it, even though you “think” it’s impossible!


My Everest dream began as a simple daydream. I never imagined that one day I’d be able to scale the summit of Mount Everest.









What was a childhood dream that you never got to acknowledge? Don’t worry if you think it’s too late.


What is one thing you’ve never done but secretly wish you could?


What is one of your company goals that you feel is too lofty?


What is a mission or project that you believe is too difficult to complete and that you are certain would fail?


You know, it’s the obstacles you’d rather stop, the ones that cause you to procrastinate, that will lead you to your greatest achievement and turn you into your best self.


Setting unrealistic goals for yourself is the only way to inspire the team to do something they don’t believe they are capable of.


The thrill will grow stronger, and you’ll reach heights beyond your wildest dreams.


I believe no dream is too far-fetched. You can do anything if you dare to imagine it!


And I’d be happy to help you get there!


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