I Almost Quit Too Soon

This past weekend, we went for a snowshoe hike. The hike’s beginning was a little underwhelming. We had to bushwhack and posthole through snow and ice for nearly an hour.


We moaned and swore. We contemplated turning around and calling it a day.


That’s something I’m happy we didn’t do!


The view was literally stunning until we broke through the tree line and climbed onto the ridge!



We would have probably endured the “suffer-fest” more cheerfully if we had known what a lovely payoff awaited us.


As an entrepreneur, do you ever feel like you’re bushwhacking and post-holing and want to give up?


What if you could experience the thrill of reaching the ridge’s satisfying payoff, where you can look out at the stunning scenery all around you and see the summit just around the corner?


What if you could see your dream clearly and know it’s a reality?


Furthermore, to make matters even better…


On the way down from the mountain, we came across an old boot track that allowed us to avoid the bushwhacking and post-holing sections.


Oh, if we’d known that earlier, we might have gotten off to a much better start!


Working hard is an unavoidable part of any entrepreneurial endeavor, but it can also be enjoyable and exciting!


Why don’t you join me in discovering your dream’s stunning vision and learning how to get there gracefully and easily?