Lead with Vulnerability and Connect Authentically with Tracy Oswald

Podcast / by journeywithlei

Tracy Oswald is the VP of Sales Learning & Development for LOCALiQ, part of the USA TODAY network. Tracy also is a keynote speaker, coach, and host of the podcast, Defending Lady Macbeth, the show for every woman who was ever told “you are too much, too loud, or too ambitious.” In this episode, we discuss the vulnerability in leadership and how to connect with teams authentically.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How immersive theater experience helped Tracy become a better leader
  • How to connect with the team and take care of the team in remote working
  • How to build trust with the team as a leader
  • How to be vulnerable as a leader and create a space of safety for the team
  • How to motivate unmotivated employees
  • How to bring coaching culture into the organization
  • How can mid-level managers navigate roadblocks in corporate structure to create buy-ins from upper executives
  • The importance of investing in your personal growth

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