Overcome Entrepreneurial Challenges With Mental Fitness Training

Join us as we chat with Jocelyn Tan, CEO and founder of Sisu VR, about her journey to success in the virtual reality industry and how our Mental Fitness program helped her become a more confident and effective leader. Learn about Jocelyn’s pivot from focusing on funding to customer acquisition, and her passion for immersive learning through virtual reality. Discover how our Mental Fitness program helped her shift to a positive mindset and feel happier in her entrepreneurial journey.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Virtual reality can revolutionize corporate compliance training and make it more enjoyable for employees.
  • Focusing on customer acquisition can be more beneficial than just seeking funding.
  • Mental Fitness program can help entrepreneurs become more confident and effective leaders.
  • Positive mindset can be developed through specific techniques and strategies.=

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