Join us in this insightful podcast interview with Megan Effertz, an accomplished executive and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. Megan shares her journey of building companies in different industries and how she developed her transferrable skills to jump from industry to industry. She also provides timely advice for job seekers, including how to […]

Brian A. Wong

How did Alibaba, a company started by an English teacher in a second-tier city in China, become one of the most influential companies in China, and one of the largest and most valuable companies in the world? Alibaba’s story is about how businesses can succeed by focusing on serving the good. In his latest book, […]

Jenn Donahue, Ph.D., is a retired US Navy Captain and civil engineer who works on large-scale, high-profile geotechnical projects. Over her 27-year military career, Jenn has built a bridge across the Euphrates River during the Iraq war, commanded an 800-personnel Battalion in Afghanistan, and constructed combat outposts in the middle of deserts filled with insurgents. […]

Admiral Sandy Stosz was the first woman to command an icebreaker on the Great Lakes and lead a US armed forces service academy. Sandy served for 12 years at sea, commanding two ships, and led large Coast Guard organizations during crisis and complexity. She finished her career as the first woman assigned as Deputy Commandant […]

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