Moving You Into Your Next Powerful Leadership Role

Pop-Up MasterMind

Does this sound like you?

You have achieved big things, yet you are wondering …

What’s next in your career?

You don’t measure your success by $$

Rather, it’s more important to live your passion and serve your purpose.

You value health, family, and community.

You desire to make a bigger and more meaningful impact in this world.

You want to leave a legacy for the people and community you deeply care about.

You ask yourself,

What’s my next powerful leadership role?

How do I get started?

Why you should join us

In this 2-hour Mastermind session, I will share a few insights I’ve uncovered from helping senior executives in global firms clarifying the path they’re most passionate about, balancing business and life to do fulfilling work that excites their soul and heart.

There will be eight people max in each session. So expect a lot of intimate conversations!

We will work on what matters to you!

What’s your biggest challenges in your career development?

You will get feedback, inspiration, new insights from me and other successful business leaders.

You will be amazed at the power of collective energy and creativity when a group of inquisitive, caring, purpose-driven people work together to help each other out.

You will be surprised by the breakthroughs you can achieve in just a couple of hours!

What you will get

  • Discover new goals for your life and career that you are passionate about;
  • Walk away with new clarity and excitement about your future direction;
  • Begin to develop a practical and actionable plan that will Move You into Your Next Powerful Leadership Role!
  • Intimate connection with other powerful leaders who will become your personal board of advisors and life-long friends!

What is a pop-up Mastermind?

This is an opportunity to experience group coaching without the obligation to commit to a long-term program.

This is not a lecture.

We will spend most of the time working on the questions and challenges you brought up.

You will get coached by me and a group of experienced business leaders.

You can come as many times as you like. Each time, there will be a different mixture of people, so you will gain different perspectives every time.

Who is this for?

Are you a senior executive with a proven track record of accomplishing big goals and

  • You just stepped into a new leadership role and wonder how you can make the biggest impact? or
  • You know what’s your next big bold move but are too scared to take the first step? or
  • You feel you hit a glass ceiling on your current career track? or
  • You are still searching for what you are truly passionate about?

You will be amazed at the power of collective energy and creativity when a group of inquisitive, caring, purpose-driven business leaders work together to help each other out.

You will be surprised by the breakthroughs you can achieve in just a couple of hours!

When is the next pop-up session?

This program is offered a couple of times each month on different schedules.

We will work with you during the application process to place you in a session that fits your schedule.

Is there a fee for attending this program?

The one-time fee is $100.

You will experience a powerful group coaching session at a tiny fraction of the normal fee and without the obligation of a long-term commitment.

How do I get in?

There will be eight people max in each session.

To make sure the limited number of spots goes to people who are a good fit for the group and will benefit from this program, we ask you to fill in a quick application form first.

Once selected, you will confirm your space by paying the $100 fee and we will place you in a schedule that works for you.

Take a leap of faith, tap into the power of excitement, realize your potential and live your passion!

Hi! I’m Lei!

I grew up as a Beijing city girl who had no athletic training.

In 2004, I set out to climb Mount Everest.

I was on a promising career track in finance with an MBA from Wharton.

I was excited about proving that an ordinary person could climb Everest.

That excitement empowered me to not only climb Everest, but to become the first Asian woman to complete a journey to the summits of the highest mountains on each of the 7 continents and to the north and south pole, a feat called the Explorer’s Grand Slam.

As I endured outstanding hardships and overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles, I made an astonishing discovery.

I discovered that excitement is the driving force that motivates and empowers every one of us and the secret to innovation, peak performance and extraordinary achievement.

Today as a coach, speaker, author, and adventurer, I travel the world to ascend new summits and empower individuals and organizations to dream big, take a leap of faith and tap into the power of excitement to realize their potential and reach the heights of success.


I’m in a different time zone. Will there be a schedule that fits me?

Yes! We work with clients all over the world!

Can I just watch a recording?

Because this class is intensely interactive, no recording will be offered, but you have several schedules to choose from. There will be one that fits you!

What’s it like to work with Lei

“Lei Wang is an amazing coach and extremely generous with her time. Our coaching session together was fantastic. Lei is highly skilled in pushing you outside of your boundaries in a supportive and caring way. Allowing you to experience massive growth in your results and get you where you want to go faster.

Lei really made me focus and dig deep to create a vision of my ideal dream life and how I want to experience it. Not only was the vision really clear, but it also felt like something I could and would achieve.

If you are feeling stuck and unable to get to the next level or are just wanting more out of life I highly recommend getting in touch with Lei today she will help you reach your full potential and achieve your dreams.”

“Working with Lei has helped me to get clarity about my future and articulate exactly what I need to change about my situation. Lei used her experience and the lessons she learned while climbing Mount Everest to teach me about mental resilience. Lei has a calm demeanor which put me at ease during our sessions.

She is intuitive and a sensitive listener who asked questions which allowed me to dig deep and find the answers within myself. As an educator, I will continue to use the strategies she has taught me about acquiring mental strength.  Lei is passionate about helping others build resilience and live a fulfilling life. She has a positive energy which inspired me to become physically active and appreciate life. Through working with Lei I have learned not to doubt myself and I am much more confident to chase my dreams.”

“Working with Lei was what I needed to get my career off to a great start! She was able to help me realize my potential, see the possibilities ahead of me, and put a plan in place to get there. Achieving my goals has been so much easier with her as a coach. No one should have to create a new path on their own, a coach will guide you down the path with fewer trips and bumps. Lei is great for this!!”

“Lei is a truly impactful coach, who gives an unforgettable coaching experience to her clients. She deeply connects with the person in front of her, listens with great compassion as well as poses challenging, thought-provoking questions that open up new possibilities. If you want to overcome your limitations and create a life of true beauty and success, Lei is the coach for you!”

“Lei is both an inspired and inspiring person, and working with her is a pleasure. While aiming high she remains well grounded and that is a very powerful and rare combo that all her clients can benefit from. I am glad to have met her and recommend her wholeheartedly.”

“I was so impressed by Lei’s ability to do so much in just one session! She helped me envision a future I know is possible, discover my stumbling blocks, guide me to reframe perceived limitations, and decrease overwhelm by viewing the process in small, achievable steps. You’ll know when you meet her she genuinely cares about your success.”

“The learning and growth experience I got from Lei’s coaching group program is extremely valuable. Lei knows her stuff, and despite having so much experience as a coach, isn’t pushy, “all-knowing” or arrogant. She listens well, keeps the session client-centered and is very encouraging. It’s clear she’s made important distinctions between her previous career as a consultant and her current career as a coach and brings the best of both worlds.”

“I am so glad that I decided to join Lei’s coaching group. Lei is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, inspirational, and attentive coach who has provided me with everything I need to prepare myself for my journey as a Coach. I got great support to boost my confidence and push me to explore more of what I am capable of doing but had not realized yet. I now feel so confident and ready. Thank you Lei!”

“Lei was a wonderful facilitator for our group coaching sessions. After we took turns in various scenarios, Lei gave very constructive advise on how to improve coaching skills and how we can approach clients in different ways. I learned how to ask the most fitting questions to get to the heart of what is holding a client back. I highly recommend working with her. She is great with both new and experienced coaches. I loved how she brought together people from various skill levels. After we completed our group program, I felt an increase in my confidence to really make an impact on others as a coach. Thank you so much Lei!”

“I am so happy that I joined Lei’s coaching group. I never expected I would overcome my biggest fear and gain so much confidence as a new coach so fast so easily.

I was feeling nervous and a bit anxious before the program, because I was new to coaching and English is not my first language. Lei is very supportive and encouraging. As I felt understood, heard, and supported each step during the training sessions, my fear started to disappear and I became more confident.

Not only I learned a lot about coaching business, I also uncovered some of my limiting beliefs and made big steps forward in life. I learned that by stepping into my own power, When, What and the HOW will unfold as soon as you DECIDE and GIVE yourself PERMISSION.

I’m also enjoyed very much meeting other like-minded amazing souls around the world and being part of this community. Thank you Lei for creating the opportunity and pushing me forward on my journey.”