Power of Reflection


You are here, then you know you have always been on my mind, and you are one of my favorite people—with whom I have always enjoyed our relationship and conversations!

This is an invitation-only Power of Reflection hour to share reflections and discover new insights.

Why it’s on a Sunday evening/afternoon?

So your boss can’t be in your way!

You will enjoy meeting some other amazing leaders and appreciate the power of collective wisdom. I know you don’t want to miss it.

Here’s a general “agenda”—if you prefer to go into every meeting with an agenda—You can take it as seriously, or as lightly, as you like. Wine, beer, may even enhance your reflective genius:-)

As a leader, we make an impact through our communication and execution. To make a more powerful impact, we have to be able to think deeply. Our ability to grow our team is limited by our ability to grow ourselves as leaders. And we inspire our team by being who we are.

    • What insights have been most impactful to your growth, as a person, a leader, or a member of your community, during the past year?
    • What area do you want to grow most next year?
    • What are the most important steps you commit to taking next year?

I look forward to seeing you soon!