The Tao of Alibaba With Brian A. Wong

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Brian A. Wong

How did Alibaba, a company started by an English teacher in a second-tier city in China, become one of the most influential companies in China, and one of the largest and most valuable companies in the world?

Alibaba’s story is about how businesses can succeed by focusing on serving the good.

In his latest book, the Tao of Alibaba, Brian A. Wong, explores the nuts and bolts of how Alibaba connects its mission with execution to make the vision come true.

His vivid account of many behind-the-scene stories about Jack Ma, the visionary founder of Alibaba, reveals profound leadership lessons on how the relentless pursuit of one’s purpose leads to lasting success.

Brian A. Wong was the first American and only the fifty-second employee to join Alibaba Group. He contributed to the company’s early globalization efforts and served as Jack Ma’s special assistant for international affairs. During his sixteen-year tenure, Brian helped expand Alibaba’s business presence in the US, Europe, India, and Asia, established the Alibaba Global Initiatives (AGI) division, and was the founder and executive director of the Alibaba Global Leadership Academy.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

There are lessons for everyone in this interview that you may want to listen to more than once to grasp fully:

  • How leaders can walk the talk to genuinely embody the value, mission, and vision of the company;
  • How to execute value consistently across all levels in a big corporation and keep it fresh year after year;
  • How to attract the best talent and build a winning team;
  • How to make performance review a gift, an opportunity for growth, for everyone;
  • How to cultivate a culture of servant leadership;
  • How to motivate employees so that they care about the business like their own business;

And for entrepreneurs who are just starting:

  • How to discover your passion and your true north;
  • How to identify the best opportunities for long-term career growth;
  • How to turn weakness into a strength to succeed against all odds.

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