There’s no magic program.

I went to my coach David Memont (you can read the original post here) hoping for a magic training program that would make me strong and fast enough to climb Everest climb.

One month later, I complained that my body composition didn’t change much (I was still too fat) despite my training “hard”. I thought that I need a more “effective” program.

David asked me to show him my training log.

It turned out, while I thought I was following his program “diligently”, I was using weights much lighter than what I was capable of. I couldn’t imagine myself doing more.

David pointed out, that my weakness was not due to a limitation in my physical abilities, but a lack of mental strength.

I came to David to get a stronger body.

He helped me achieve that as well as something much more valuable.

I became a stronger person.

How was able to do that?

There was no magic program.

Instead his coaching empowered me to become who I needed to be.

That’s how I reached Everest.

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