What Makes a Goal Truly Exciting

Get Excited! / by journeywithlei

You have set and reached many goals in your life or your business, but how many of them you are truly excited about? Do you sometimes wonder, after you have achieved them, so what? You don’t feel that exhilarating excitement even though you feel the satisfaction of arriving at the next milestone.

What makes a goal truly exciting?

A truly exciting goal is one that transforms you or your business.

It’s not just one of the many milestones (yes, they are important too!), but one that when you look back, you can clearly say that’s a tipping point.

When you achieve a truly exciting goal, you marvel at your own power and are inspired to imagine even bigger and bolder dreams.

When you look back on a truly exciting goal, you’ll find that it always marks the beginning of a new path in your life or business.

So what does an exciting goal look like when you are just starting out?




It simply looks impossible!

You think it’s a fantasy. You honestly don’t even believe yourself that your dream can ever come true.

People around you laugh at you and think you are daydreaming.

People who care about you even try to discourage you: your current life is so comfortable, why risk it?

That’s exactly what I was going through almost 17 years ago when I started daydreaming about climbing Mount Everest.

As a city girl from Beijing who had no athletic background, I honestly thought that’s just a daydream.

Realistically, I was hoping such a lofty goal would at least motivate me to go to the gym regularly. ☺

At that time, I was working at a lucrative job in investment management as a new MBA graduate.

Coming from a traditional Chinese culture, I knew I was privileged to live an American dream.

To give that all up?

My parents were disappointed and upset with me, to put it lightly.

Fast forward, 10 years ago, days after I returned from the summit of Mount Everest, I still thought I was in my dream. I couldn’t believe I really did it.

That was the tipping point in my life.

I could never say any dream is impossible again!

Today, as a motivational speaker and coach, I’m excited about helping people reach their big bold dreams.

I believe you have the power in you. If you dare to dream it, you can achieve it!

What’s your big bold dream? Taking your business to a frightening new level? Starting a new direction in your life and career?

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