Why Do You Need An Impossible Goal?

Get Excited! / by journeywithlei

Last week, we discussed what makes a goal truly exciting. Is it really possible?

Why do you need an impossible goal?

If you want to have a totally different lifestyle, want to reach a scary new height in your business, you can’t simply do what you used to do and hope that will give you a dramatically different result.

You have to change how you think and try things you have never done before.

You have to create new routines and adopt new habits.

In short, you have to totally transform who you are in order to behave totally differently.

Only an impossible goal has that kind of power to trigger an identity shift!








When you’re standing at the bottom of the mountain as that “old” you, a goal seems impossibly high. And since most people only know the “old” you, they are blind to the new opportunities.

To achieve that seemingly impossible goal, imagine yourself as someone who has already accomplished it and see yourself as someone who considers such a goal to be “normal.”

When you make that important identity shift, you will easily adopt a new mindset and new habits as if your dream is already a reality.

When I dreamed about climbing Mount Everest, the excitement made me forget about the “impossible” part of the dream. On a daily basis, I only focused on what an Everest climber eats, trains, and thinks about.

That excitement made overcoming fear and procrastination easy.

Before I noticed, I transformed myself from a city girl to a mountaineer, and from there, a motivational speaker and coach.

The power of an impossible goal is not just in achieving something you are proud of, but in totally transforming who you are, elevating your energy to a level you never experienced before, and setting you on a trajectory of infinite possibilities.

What’s something you are dreaming of but people are telling you it’s impossible?

I believe you have the power in you. If you dare to dream it, you can achieve it!

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